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Centre for Research & Sustainable Capacity Development is a Youth-led, not-for-profit organisation with a vision to champion sustainable capacity development for human, institutional and societal growth. This vision is with the purpose to support the design, implementation, evaluation and institutionalisation of Sustainable Capacity Development. We are volunteer-driven as we promote active citizenship and social inclusion of every actor to achieve a sustainable development. We are a trusted organisation, an informed educator, a passionate advocate, and a global partner helping similar organisations around the world.


Our initiative for this centre began in the year 2012 as “Get Certified Initiative” which focused on enhancing the capacity of youths through internationally accredited training and certifications, especially undergraduates and getting them prepared for a society where experience counts and regular academic qualifications (i.e. Degree or its equivalent) are obsolete. We carried out a cross-correlation analysis of the academic curriculum (using Nigeria as a case study) and the demand for labour in Nigeria. This analysis led to an alarming discovery of high skill mismatch in the labour mart in the country, and most disturbing the skill mismatch proportion was on the rise against skill-matched persons. From the analysis, it was safe to say, that the capacity of most Nigerian youths was not channelled towards a sustainable national development. After engaging in extra-curricular, training & certification of Nigeria youths to bridge this gap since 2012. We reviewed policies, institutions and also evaluated the public and private sectors to harness skills and formats for a sustainable development. Partnering with fellow International Development Partners across the globe has led us to a more sustainable approach on a global scale, as sustainability is a global effect. We keyed into the development of the global goals, not just as evaluators, but as contributing actors in the actualisation of these goals.

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