What We Do

Capacity Development -for Sustainable Development

We focus on building institutional, human and social capacity towards a sustainable development. Thus, we aim to achieve sustainable development through knowledge sharing, skills acquisition, engaging in research and social analysis to discover sustainable approaches to development, among others.

We prioritise education and training as a fundamental tool in the crusade for a sustainable development, basing our ideology on world-class training and certification, we advocate for and ensure policies are well tailored for quality education and training.

Advocacy & Sensitization

Advocacy is a crucial strategic element of social change, hence we have a strong focus on developing approaches to assessing, and presenting supporting evidence of outcomes for policy formulation, towards sustainable lifestyle & development. Also, we carry out awareness exercises to sensitise on key elements for development.

Civic Engagement

Through active citizenship, we try to make a difference in the civic life of communities; developing the combinations of knowledge, skills, values and motivation to progress to that difference. We encourage volunteering and exchange programmes on education, skills acquisition and areas concerned.

In the spirit of progress, we cease every opportunity to offer technical assistance & cooperate with government, civic sectors  and international development partners in pursuit of a sustainable development. We prescribe the healthy use of information technology and good governance in achieving sustainable growth.

Monitoring & Impact Assessment

We monitor projects, programmes and policies  to assess their impact significance in terms of economics, social equitability and sustainability; thus, employing best practice in the use of impact assessment for informed decision making and recommendations regarding policies, programs, plans and projects.