More About Us

Our research has shown, that developing human capacity is key to a sustainable development; and education in its various forms is an essential medium for human capacity development. Therefore we have our aims & objectives structured to meet with the spectacular vision and purpose while focusing on key areas to stimulate sustainability in development.

Our Aims Our Aims
We aim to

Promote training & accessibility to professional certification
We promote accessibility to quality education and training to enhance human, institutional & societal development.
Enhance professionalism in all aspects of training & education.
Improving the standard of trainers, curriculum and policies is key to attaining sustainable development.
Mobilize and Enhance Resources for Economic Empowerment
Mobilizing resources in their various forms to engage actively in economic developement.
Our Objectives
  • To promote sustainable development through among others, knowledge sharing and skills acquisition
  • Collaborate with institutions to achieve sustainable development in the education sector
  • Collaborate with Governmental, Non-governmental Organizations, and International Development Partners (IDPs) for overall socio-cultural, educational, economic and political development by among others, providing institutional capacity building for local NGOs
  • Assist local and international organizations in their development interventions in Nigeria
  • Provide opportunities for training of professionals, especially on continuous educations in collaboration with professional organizations; and
  • Encourage volunteering and exchange programmes on education, skills acquisition and other areas.

Core Values




Focal Areas
  • Sustainable Human & institutional Capacity Development
  • Economic Empowerment (across institutions, rural & urban levels)
  • Education & Training
  • Good Governance
  • Information Technology for Development
  • Technical Assistance & Cooperation
  • Monitoring, impact Assessment & Evaluation of Projects & programmes
  • Research
  • Societal Analysis


If  your plan is for 1 year, plant rice. If your plan is for 10 years, plant trees. If your plan is for 100 years, educate children.  -Confucius