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CRSCD began with an initiative popularly known as “Get Certified Initiative” in the year 2012, with a purpose to train and certifiy individuals with global standards in mind. In 2015 there was a cross-correlational analysis between our methods and its long-term effectiveness in priority on multiplexity. This cross-correlational led to involving technocrats from specialised fields such as education and policies in developing a robust and sustainable approach to a sustainable development.

We wish to champion sustainable capacity development for human, institutional & societal growth.
We are committed to supporting the design, implementation, evaluation & institutionalization of sustainable capacity development.
Facilitating world-class training & certification for sustainable development.

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Our research has shown, that developing human capacity is key to a sustainable development; and education in its various forms is an essential medium for human capacity development. Therefore we have our aims & objectives structured to meet with the spectacular vision and purpose while focusing on key areas to stimulate sustainability in development.

Our Aim Our Aim
To promote, enhance and mobilize towards the actualisations of our purpose. Details!
Our six objectives are well tailored for success as they converge on sustainability. Details!
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To achieve our aims and objectives, we will focus mainly on key sectors. Which Are?